Udehra is establish in ISO 9001:2000 and well known name as fastener suppliers and manufactures The infrastructure of company is in initially divided in different departments like Raw Material Stock, Cold bolt former, Hot forging Section, Machining Section etc.raw material usually used for make new and quality products and we acquisition the raw material from certified and reputed miles. To assemble the products firstly conceded from many stages.

  • Washers- It’s a product of machines flat annulus ring, often of metals and iron.
  • Bolts/Screw- Since 1957, Udehra bolts & Screw has been offering a broad line of fastener.
  • Ferry Bolts- These bolts are like a ferry cap on the nuts, and some bolts are covered with the small rings.
  • Stud – Stud length in inches and manufactures and supplies in wide range.
  • Fastener for Marine Fenders – udehra Manufactures and supplies the fastener for marine fender according to their requirements.

In Udehra mechanical Works regular inspection on every stage of forging after forging Machining is the next step for regular inspection and also checked out the temperature with the electronic heat. These all faults are checked by a special inspection team and after final inspection packers packing the products as per customer’s requirements.

Udehra is one of the best and excellent companies in India which facilities the Nuts & Bolts, hot dip nuts & bolts, studs, fastener hardware.

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